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Dear Genealogist,

Welcome to the genealogy website of Radko and Stefan Conka. We have 30 years of experience doing genealogy research. Your visit at our homepage shows that we have a common interest - genealogy.

It is fascinating to explore one's roots, to learn about the ancestors and the places where they lived. Naturally, not all of you have the opportunity to trace their roots in original and unique files over here in Slovakia. If this is the case, we would like to help you. We specialize in the research in the Eastern Slovakia territory (Spis county, Saris county, Zemplin county, Abov-Turna county, Gemer county and Uz county), which was the part of Austria - Hungary Empire, but we are able to help you with genealogy research in other parts of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary as well.

Our services are for people requiring knowledge, experience and quality. They are for people who require significantly higher quality of the research than the standard commonly available in Slovakia.

Our knowledge, experience and quality of work are required by many reputable genealogy agencies, the institutions, the universities (University of Alabama at Birmingham and others) but also for genealogy TV series (Who Do You Think You Are (US)?) and the historical documents (Howling with the Angels and others).

We also provide genealogy travel guidance in Slovakia for those who want to know more about their family directly here in the country of your ancestors. We combine in-depth genealogical research with journeys “back to the roots”. We can provide the worth connection between the Old World and the New World. In the words of our clients, we provide valuable genealogical information, documents and personal experience directly here in Slovakia.

You are welcome to have a look at our page and if you find there anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and all our skills and experiences will be put at your disposal in order to satisfy you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Radko & Stefan Conka 
(Kosice / Eastern Slovakia)

The fields where we can help you

  Slovakia citizenship, Czech citizenship and Hungarian citizenship
If your ancestors came from this part of Europe we can help you with obtaining the certificates and documents necessary for obtaining Slovak citizenship, Czech or Hungarian citizenship. On the ground of our long term experience in this area we can provide also additional services and helpful information for this process. Our clients have available experienced attorney who works with us regularly on these matters.

A bonus service: In the 80ʼs of the last century, big amount of old personal documents was removed from Slovakia archives. There were passport applications, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, business documents, wills and many others. Fortunately, the significant amount of these documents was saved. These old personal documents concern more as 2114 Slovak locations. We offer the information of the first part of this source, which covers thousands of old personal documents from period since 1846 as additional free service for our clients who use our naturalization services. Even, we allow our clients to search this source personally during their visit of Slovakia.
  Slovakia ancestry tours
If you plan to come to this exceptionally beautiful country to find your relatives or do research, ask for a professional means saving money and time. During your stay, we can go with you to Slovakia archives, parish offices, municipal offices, libraries, your ancestors' villages and make you benefit from our knowledge of the surroundings. This personal help will enable you to follow your ancestors' tracks in the best conditions.
We provide also exclusive qualified guided tours and trips in Slovakia. Our personalized service guarantees that your tour will be unique and enjoyable experience.
  Conducting research on your ancestors
Undoubtedly, you are acquainted with the parish records as well as birth, marriage and death certificates which represent the usual sources of genealogy. However, we are able to go deeper into such information, that is to say that we can find documents on your ancestors' every day life, whatever their social background. We conduct a research in Slovakia archives (State archive in Kosice, State archive in Presov, State archive in Levoca, and others). The main list you can find here. Apart from different Slovakia genealogy sources we work in Czech archives, Hungary archives but also in the parish offices, churches, municipal offices and others institutions and sources which save unique documents and information.
  Compiling a family documentation
Birth, marriage and death certificates, census records, church and diocese records, military records, tax records, school records, property records, police records, landowner records, wills, passenger ship records, business records and more depending on the locality and funds of Slovakia archives, Czech archives, Hungary archives, Austria archives and other institutions of these countries.
  Old family letters translations
Uncover the secrets of your ancestors with our specialized service for translating old Slovak family correspondence. We tackle the dialects and often hard-to-read handwritting that regular translators are not willing or able to struggle with. Let us help you bring the past to life by translating these records into English with a sensitivity to language and culture. Open the doors to your family history and discover the stories of your ancestors with our reliable service for translating old family letters and documents.
  Searching the oldest documents
Have you finished genealogical research of your family? What are the oldest documents, which you have about your ancestors? Would you like to have the older ones, which will be treasured, by you and your family for generations to come? We have a lot of experiences in looking for these documents.
  Finding living relatives
Have you a long lost Slovak relative who may now live in this country? Our tracing service successfully reunites families living abroad with their relatives in Slovakia.
  Locality survey
There comes a point in the research when most of us want to know more about the place where our ancestors lived, particularly if we are intending to write any sort of family history. A complete genealogy guide to your locality in Slovakia including maps, images, a description of the coat of arms, historical background of your locality, list of available records and books written about the area, articles photocopied from reference books, telephone directories and other information specific to the area.
  Providing photographs and video
When you study the photos of your ancestors' home village you are transported to the heart of your ancestors' life. It will be a journey into past - the house where they spent their last years, the original stone wall from the house of their birth, church where your relations were married, the school, the houses and streets they knew, cemetery where they were laid to rest, the landscape they called home. These photos will became a part of you, and connect you to your ancestors and to their homeland in an intimate way, across the hundreds of years and the sea. You will receive very valuable thing. It will provide the missing link in your chain of family - the link that solders the broken place in your own identity.
  Probate research in Slovakia and Czech Republic
Often a situation arise where genealogical research is needed to locate missing heirs, next of kin to an estate. In intestate cases there may be no known heirs. In some testate cases there may be a legal heir who cannot be located, or who is deceased. We locate missing and unknown heirs for executors, administrators, attorneys, probate research firms, personal representatives and others. In each case, the proper documentation will be provided to establish legal descent.
  Special services
We provide our genealogy services to individuals, institutions and organizations: universities, societies, libraries, etc. Our next special services include genealogy lectures, assistance with writing books (genealogical, historical, dictionaries etc.), making documentaries, copying documents and books of our personal archive and others. Our services and archive have been used for various genealogy projects together with next respectable sources as Steven Spielberg archive and others.
We provide Hungary naturalization services to people whose ancestors came from this territory. We will obtain for you appropriate kind of the documents. Apart from this we will take care about all steps that have to be done here for obtaining Czech or Hungary passport.

After the research is done you will receive highly professional result with the maximum of the information about your ancestors. You obtain professional report containing results, sources, special research maps and the suggestions for further research, if appropriate. Furthermore, you obtain material such as photocopies, photographs, maps etc., if ordered and available.

What people are saying about our work

We try hard always to give the best we can to make an exceptional value for our clients.
Below are comments received, that prove our effort.

You can check each of these e-mails!
If you wish, it is possible to contact our clients!

I have been conducting genealogical research into my family for over 15 years, and have, on occasion, utilized the services of professional genealogists in several different Central European countries. Radko Conka is certainly one of the best. He was not only able to successfully find the available information that I was specifically seeking, but also discovered additional pieces of family information - including new family members - whose existence was previously unknown to me. For anyone needing Slovakian genealogical research, I strongly recommend Radko’s services. Radko is a true professional, who knows both where to look for, and how to obtain, very thorough results. Radko, thank you so much! Feel free to also provide my email contact information to anyone who might wish any further validation.
P. R., Walnut Creek, California
I had searched for many years for the marriage license for my maternal Grandparents. I hired a man in Slovakia to help with the search but it was unsuccessful.
Later I hired Radko Conka to help with the search and Radko found it. ... I recommend without reservation that anyone interested in conducting research in Eastern Slovakia hire Stefan and Radko Conka.
Ch. S., Ellicott City, Maryland
Thank you very much for all of your research! I could have never made it this far in discovery alone, Radko. I am beyond grateful for your time and services.
J. G., Naugatuck, Connecticut
You have provided such excellent information, solving problems and documenting research...I really appreciate you.
S. D., St. Paul, Minnesota
This is really incredible work, and it will take me more time to get through everything. Thank you for giving such great detail!
J.B., Columbus, Ohio
Stefan just did a fantastic research job for me, finding the village of my great grandmother's birth and confirming who her parents were -- a piece of information that has eluded and frustrated me for 12 years. (And another researcher I hired years ago wasn't able to find this for me!)
M. A. H., Oakland, California
Hi Radko, I am truly amazed that you were able to recover such an impressive time depth!
R. K., Burbank, California
Please allow me to share my sincerest thanks for your assistance. ... I’m impressed with the efficiency of your work and I would absolutely hire you again for future research!
J. L., Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
Dear Radko, I can not find enough special words to tell you how much I appreciate all you did... You can not imagine how happy I am that my son, Bill, found your web site!!
J. H., Durham, North Carolina
This is great information that I never could have gotten on my own...Plenty of new information.
G. L., Palmetto, Florida
Stefan and Radko provide EXCELLENT service, at a fair price... I would use their services again and recommend them to others.
K. M., Greenville, South Carolina
I am absolutely thrilled with your report! Excellent! I am particularly impressed with what you were able to discover.
E. S., Fishers, Indiana
Your report arrived today and it is difficult to release it from my hands. It is captivating. Your research is excellent.
J. L., Benicia, California
You've done a fantastic job... Thanks again for all your help!
Ch. J., Boulder, Colorado
I cried when I saw what you had sent.... Thank you.
D. D., Westerville, Ohio
This is a fantastic report, Stefan, and has much more detail than I thought you would be able to find. Thank you very much!
D. S., Los Angeles, California
Thanks for your work Radko - this is amazing.
W. W., Cork City, Ireland
Your work is superb. I thank you so much... Again, the job you did for me is awesome!
D. J., Sunnyvale, California
All I can say is WOW, I never expected so much information. It was the right decision when I first contacted you... Thanks again, you did a wonderful and very thorough research for me.
J. M., Jacksonville, Florida
Radko was excellent as both a translator and guide today. He is extremely knowledgeable and very patient with all of our questions.
S. K., New York City, New York
You did an excellent job.
R. S., Frankfort, Michigan

It is amazing and contains far more information than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Your diligence and persistence in seeking out the relevant information and sorting through the records and making the family connections has provided me with a treasure beyond belief.... I cannot thank you enough for providing this wonderful and detailed insight into my ancestors.
B. E., Severna Park, Maryland

Your news brings me great joy! ... I can hardly contain my joy! Many thanks for all your wonderful help.
J.Ch., Mountainside, New Jersey

Wonderful. ... thanks again for your excellent research.
R. C., Summit, New Jersey

I just cannot thank you enough for all you have done. May God always be with you and the good work you do.
N. G., Demotte, Indiana

It was wonderful to read your report. My mother was overwhelmed.
L. G., Reno, Nevada

Got them!!! Absolute pleasure doing business with you! Thank you so much!!!... Again thank you, very professional! I will highly recommend to anyone in need of Slovakian research!
C. M., Chesapeake, Virginia

Radko was extremely helpful to us and pleasant to be around. Genealogy work is a slow process, but we got a lot done and the visit to the village was excellent.
K. C., Hingham, Massachusetts
Thank you for the excellent information and analysis.
F. P., Binghamton, New York

With many thanks for your speedy and expert assistance once again.
C. S., London, England

I have used the services of Stefan Conka for the past two years and am extremely satisfied with the quality of his work. He is neat, thorough, and accurate and has discovered much about my family that I thought I could never find. I do not hesitate to recommend him to others and I authorize Stefan to use my name as an endorsement on his web page or to use me as a reference for others to contact me regarding his work.
E.M., Willoughby, Ohio
I am very happy with your work. ... Again thanks for the great job.
J. R., Celina, Ohio
J. O., Minneapolis, Minnesota
I want to thank you and express my admiration for the clear and professional manner in which you organized the information. ... I truly appreciate working with a genealogist who is (as one must be) so meticulous.
D. C., Winnetka, Illinois
Our trip was absolutely amazing because of you.
S. C., Spring, Texas
Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with your report on our family.
R. S., McMurray, Pennsylvania
I was very well pleased with your work and I was able to fill in a lot of blanks that I had. ... Thank you again for a great job well done.
M. S., Lake City, Florida
The report that you compiled and sent is fascinating... I would like to pay you again to do some additional research.
J. S., Louisville, Kentucky
You did wonderful work.
L.S., Julian, North Carolina
I want you to know I am impressed with your thoroughness and the level of detail you provided. I can appreciate how complex things can be with people with the same name living at the same address.
G. W., Vinton, Virginia
Thank you again for all the assistance. I really can’t thank you enough.
D. S., Naples, Florida
Radko was very diligent in his work and I am thankful for the research you both did. My entire family sends their appreciation from the states.
S. B., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The quality of the document is outstanding....Excellent work
J. E., Atlanta, Georgia
Thanks so much for your great work on this project
D. M., St. Paul, Minnesota
Radko, This was fascinating to read and I have shared it with my family. I wanted to say thanks again for your hard work and let you know what a wonderful way to reconnect with my extended family here in the US this has been.
J.M., Kensington, California
Thanks again for the great work, we are very satisfied with the results.
J. K., Gaertringen, Germany
Radko was a wonderful person with whom to do our family archival research in Kosice! Not only did he find out more about our family... He is very kind, knowledgeable, persistent, and engaging.
J. K., Seattle, Washington
It is all so interesting. ...Thank you again for the wonderfull work you have done for me, very much appreciated.
M. F., Beaudesert, Australia
The results (and the map) you send are better than what I expected that you would find. Good Work! ... You have been so very helpful.
R. L., Los Altos, California
It has been a pleasure working with you!
R. M., London, England
Thank you very much this is very very comprehensive. I am amazed that you were able to go back so far. I will share with my family in the US and they will all be very very happy to learn what you have found!!
D. C., Tokyo, Japan
Genealogy is such a beautiful thing and you do such fine work on its behalf. … This means so much to me.
B. S., Worcester, Massachusetts
I can't thank you enough for helping me find my great great grandfather's birth record from 1867. You have been so professional, honest and diligent- and the results have exceeded my expectations. I really hope I have another reason to hire you again!
N. M., Los Angeles, California
Thank you. It was such a big help.
V. G., Red Lion, Pennsylvania
Thank you again for your help and explanations, you are great! I have recommended you to several other people!
L. S., North Ridgeville, Ohio
I had an extraordinarily productive and fun time with Radko. We achieved much more than was reasonable to expect. I learned a lot and my principal goals were all realized.
D. C., Chicago, Illinois
You did a wonderful job on the research.
M. G., Salt Lake City, Utah
I plan to apply for Slovak citizenship thanks to your help locating my great grandfather's birth record and the excellent research you have done on my I say to you thank you very much!
B.D., Chargin Falls, Ohio
Thank you for your excellent help. We are happy with the research you have done for us.
L. S., Westminster, California
Thank you for your honesty.
D. Z., Bloomington, Illinois
I have only just started going over your hard work in detail and am very pleased. I can't thank you enough for it. I've got plenty of reading to do yet, ... Again, I'm very much enjoying your wonderful report and if you ever need a reference I'd be happy to provide one.
C. L., Fairport, New York
Thank you for the excellent translations!
K. B., Salt Lake City, USA
I am pleased with the services you provided and the documents. I would recommend you if anyone is in need of research in Slovakia.
M. M., Youngstown, Ohio
Thanks you so much for the detailed research and documents. This is very interesting and I intend on reading the information in great detail. There was a family rumor that the ... famiy originated in Italy which you were able to confirm. On behalf of my family, thank you very much!
S. A., Zelienople, Pennsylvania
Thank you for your honesty and quick replies.
C. S., Berwick, United Kingdom
Haven't had much time to really go through all the fantastic information you did on my behalf. .... I am trying now to finally see all the great names etc. you sent me!! There is so much!!!!
S. H., North Richland Hills, Texas
Thank you again for your great research for the case I was working on!
K.S., Salt Lake City, Utah
Thank you for your research. I haven't had time to look at it closely but I'm sure it is wonderful.
J. B., Richfield, Minnesota
Stefan Conka did an outstanding job researching my family heritage. Both my parents were born in Slovakia and Stefan was very efficient in locating their official records and tracing my family's history. He is very trustworthy and dependable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs assistance tracing their family history.
W. H., Columbus, Ohio
You did great work last year and I really appreciate what you have helped me find. You are a great researcher!
M. C., Rochester, New York
I  happy with your thoroughness.
J. J., Aurora, Illinois
Thank you for doing such an excellent job...I am very impressed with the work you did.
F. H., Severna Park, Maryland
Thank you very much. This is very interesting. I especially appreciate the work you did in translating the details.
T. E., Duluth, Minnesota
You do very nice work.
K. K., Clifton, New Jersey
I am so impressed by how thorough and persistent you were in your research... Thank you again and we so very deeply appreciate your research.
J. K., Seattle, Washington
I have been very happy working with you.
S. T., Frisco, Texas
Thank you SO much! That is EXACTLY the kind of background information I was hoping for! Thank you again -- this was fantastic!
M. H., Oakland, California
Still going thru all your information. much !!!
S. H., North Richland Hills, Texas
I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and persistence .…I was pleased with your results and delighted to get more information than I thought possible in some cases, going back to the 1700's (which I did not think would have been possible).
M. D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
You do beautiful work!!
D. Z., Bloomington, Illinois
I can't thank you enough for all of your help. I would've never found the records so quickly without your assistance!
R. R., Baltimore, Maryland
I am very happy with the report. You did an enormous amount of work.
C. A. R., Alabaster, Alabama
Thank you again for your extremely helpful and high quality work.
N. F., Hong Kong
Radko was very helpful, pleasant, informative, and very patient. We all enjoyed him very much.
B. B., Carrollton, Georgia
I can't thank you enough. ... Thank you so much for all your efforts. You have done terrific work.
D. P., New York City, New York
I would like to thank you for your excellent work.
V. R., London, United Kingdom
I have been so grateful for your dedication to genealogical research not expecting it possible to gain so much interesting information.... It certainly was a good day when I selected your website for research!
M. C., Warrandyte South, Australia
It is impressive....You do wonderful work.
M. L., Lake Luzerne, New York
I thought you would like to know that your research helped us match up two trees in the US.
G. G., Charlotte, North Carolina
I’m very happy in what you have discovered….Many thanks again!
A. R., Renton, Washington
I wanted to let you know that I received word today from the office of .. that my permit was approved. It would not have been possible without your hard work and success in tracking down my great grandmother’s vital information.
R.A., Boca Raton, Florida
You've done a great job for me so far and i would very much like to continue working with you.
T. G., Westland City, Michigan
Radko was very helpful and it was a lovely day with him as we explored the villages relevant to my ancestor search.
H. A. W., Concord, New Hampshire
Thank you for this excellent work.
D. M., Staten Island, New York
Thank you so much for the wonderful news... I am very pleased with the professional job you have done. ... You have done a great job. ... You may provide my name as a reference to potential clients. They can contact me
M.S., Vineland, New Jersey
I am very satisfied with the work you did and would be happy to work with you again in the future.
K. P., Rochester, Minnesota
I want to thank you again for the great work that you did on your report. It contained a lot of information. I would recommend you to anyone in need of genealogy information. I wish I could find someone like you to search for my other ancetors in Romania, Austria, and the Ukraine.
B.M., South Bend, Indiana
Thank you so much! This is exciting and wonderful!
A. U., Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
I was very impressed with the quality of information you were able to obtain.
S. M., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Good job!! Seems like a lot of work, you were the right person for the job!
J. L., Flower Mound, Texas
I was given your contact information by S. K., a friend of mine in Michigan. He said he used your services over the past two years and is pleased with your work.... I am reading your research and it is excellent. I am very pleased. Thank you!
J. S., Birmingahm, Michigan
It is of great interest that you went into such great detail on those families.
I. G., Charleston, South Carolina
I was very happy to have the information, thank you for doing such a great job.
D. E., Wildwood, Missouri
It is remarkable that you have been able to find out as much as you have given all the changes in that part of the world over time.
S. D., St. Paul, Minnesota
Radko was great! Our visit would have been much more difficult if he were not with us...Having Radko with us gave us the best time with our family that we could have.
E. D., Quakertown, Pennsylvania
That is excellent work, thanks.
N. K. London, U.K.
Thank you for your research I am very happy with it. I would like to discuss doing some more research.
M.B., Campbell, Ohio
Thank you for all of the materials!... Thank you for your excellent work!
J. H., Boston, Massachusetts
A pleasure working with you. Don't forget, if you or your family come through New York please stay with us.
M. K., New York City, NY
THANK YOU! ... There is a lot of great information there.
R. O., New Rochelle, New York
You did a very thorough and excellent job. Thank you very much!... Again, I would like to say you did a very good job. Thanks.
Ch. N., Brooks, Kentucky
My husband and I think the day with Radko was the best day of our trip.
A. B., Eagle Point, Oregon
Very interesting!!!!
J. B., Los Angeles, California
I received your research report and documentation today. There is much more here than I expected and I appreciate and thank you for your extra efforts. ... I commend you for your fine work.
S. I., Newton, New Jersey
Thank you for all the information that you gathered. My family has found it fascinating.
E. M., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I don’t know what to say. I have been looking at your work. You have done very good research.
D. T., Pomona, Missouri
Thanks to you, i found my family!
N. B., Chicago, Illinois
How can I thank you enough for arranging the most extrodinary experience of my life. Kylie and I were overwhelmed by the magical program you organized for us... We were truly made to feel like royalty. Your friends from America.
L.P., Boca Raton, Florida
Great job! There is so much interesting information here, I don’t know where to start.
G. K., Downers Grove, Illinois
My family is very happy with the results that you have found.
M. M., Hudson, Ohio
Have worked with Stefan and Radko Conka for over two years tracing my family through small towns and villages in eastern Slovakia. Their assistance has been professional and extremely helpful…Recommend them highly!!
C. B., Millville, Delaware
I want to thank you for your awesome work!
J. C., Sunnyvale, California
In looking over the report you've presented, I couldn't be happier. The wealth of information, is nothing short of incredible. …. Again, I am overjoyed in reading the report.
B. H., Grabill, Indiana
Wow! This is a lot of information! Amazing work - really!
S. T., Frisco, Texas
You did a wonderful job getting so much information....This side of the family was not known about for a very long time.
Ch. M., Branson, Missouri
I'm now looking through all of the information you sent, this is awesome to see!
D. S., Simpsonville, South Carolina
Thank you so much! ... You were able to find so much more than I ever could have on my own.
D. B., Willoughby, Ohio
My wife and I both think you have done a wonderful job for us and we are very pleased with the work.
J. L., Duncan, Canada
Radko, Thank you all your wonderful tour guiding. Your efforts made my trip to your beautiful country much more meaningful.
B. P., Edmonds, Washington
Thank you for your excellent work.
G. T., Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Thank you very much for your hard work... Your responses are extremely helpful
T. B., Houston, Texas
I just wanted to say that the research you did was just awesome! All the detail you were able to find…I can’t stop reading and re-reading it!.... Thank you SO much again! This is just wonderful!
M. L., Curtisville, Pennsylvania
Thank you—this was a lot of good work. ….. I think you did an outstanding job!
W. K., Christiansburg, Virginia
These results are fantastic - thank you so much
J. F., Holt, Michigan
It is very rare to be able to write that someone has changed your life. It is with gratitude that I can state that Mr. Radko Conka has done so... Radko, found my grandparents graves as well as the house where my father grew-up. For this, he traveled all over Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He provided me with original copies of documents in German, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Slovak… Without any doubt Mr. Conka will cater to your need in a perfect manner. His broad knowledge of genealogy and history will guide you to an answer to your inquiries. Thank you Radko for helping me discover your country, which is now mine as well.
J. B., Birmingham, Alabama
Hi Radko, Thank you! The information you provided is fantastic. The level of detail, the clarity of the explanations, and overall professionalism exceeded my expectations.
J. L., Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
You always do a wonderful job.
K. P., Lake Park, Georgia
Radko, I was very impressed with the workflow that you used... Thanks for being so thorough in your research.
D. P., Austin, Texas

In case of your interest, you can ask for more references.


Code of Ethics

How to begin

In order to provide greatest confidence and efficiency a research usually takes the following steps:

1. You send your request
Containing the target of your research (searching for ancestors, living relatives etc.), and as far as known: names, dates, and places regarding your "dead end". In order to determine relevant sources, the religious confession is also very helpful to know. Please provide as much relevant information as possible to ensure that we do not spend time researching known facts. This may be gained from family documents or even just from family stories. All can help with pinpointing an individual. The response to your request does not cause any financial or other commitment. It is absolutely free.

2. We check for the research possibilities
Based on the information you would provide us, we conduct a preliminary research, to find out if there are relevant sources available, where they are kept. If we suspect a search is impossible or unlikely to yield a result we will inform you about it. It is absolutely free as well.

3. We make you a proposal
Provided that there are promising sources available, we send you a proposal containing what results can be expected, cost, and term of research.

4. Your decision
Based on the proposal you are able to take the decision whether to start a research or not.

5. We do the research
The duration of the research depends entirely on the amount of information you wish. You are kept informed of the research status.

6. You send the payment
After the research is done, you obtain a brief summary on the results. Only then you are expected to send the funds.

7. You obtain the results
After we receive the funds, we send the research results via e-mail including all attachments, such as copies of original documents, family records, photographs, maps etc. to you.


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